At Envision Communications, we believe time is money and we have to use it well and not get bogged down by work we don’t have to do, like Admin. Our aim is to reduce your overheads by offering ad-hoc business solutions that add value to your business. Our services include Personal Assisting, various Administrative Tasks, Proof Reading, Transcription, Social Media Post Management, Product Sourcing, Project Management and Event Planning.  We are also experts at data entry and spreadsheet formatting and therefore can provide many more additional services.

We know it’s tough and completely overwhelming trying to learn and juggle so many things that you’re not passionate about! And learning how to do all these things on your own takes you away from doing what you love … the whole reason  of why you started your business in the first place. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, just not sure where to start, or know you need a helping hand when it comes to organizing your business and managing the day-to-day tasks, I can help!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

You might be asking yourself what is Virtual Assistant. Well, Virtual Assistant is a small business, offering remote-based assistant services on various administrative and other professional tasks on behalf of a Company, a Business Owner, an Entrepreneur, or a Manager with a tight schedule. There are several benefits in outsourcing your none core tasks to a VA which include Cost savings, Productivity, and Flexibility. A VA can both scale your business and shave off hours from your work week. Receive an array of benefits from hiring our VA services, such as: no employee-related expenses, no separate office space and no worries concerning downtime. You simply pay the VAs for the services they performed according to the terms of their contract.

Are you concentrating more on admin of running a business and missing important goals? Perhaps you are a company executive working 25 hours a day and eight days a week. Whatever the situation, you can rely on our efficient and effective Virtual Assistant services. Look no further book a free confidential consultation today, let us take that weight off your shoulders.