At Envision Communications, we believe time is money and we have to use it well and not get bogged down by work we don’t have to do, like Admin. Our aim is to reduce your overheads by offering ad-hoc business solutions that add value to your business. Our services include various Administrative services, Secretariat Services, Business Management consulting, Recruitment CV Data Migration and Social Media Post Management.  At Envision Communications our focus is to grow your business. Solutions are tailored, based on your industry, your customer base and your vision. Bringing life to an idea and transforming the idea into action is our unique offering. Excellent results do not need exorbitant budgets. Our philosophy is that a single idea executed with excellence will yield much stronger results than a plethora of great ideas bandied about a boardroom. We know it’s tough and completely overwhelming trying to juggle so many things to ensure your business succeed.  If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, just not sure where to start, our effective and efficient consultants can help!

What is Virtual Consulting

Many years ago, the best way to consult one another in business was to do it likely in person, over the telephone, or exchanging letters through the local post. Nowadays, virtual consults are becoming an ever-important piece of a corporate strategy to succeed and grow. Commonly also known as teleconsultants, virtual consulting provides the flexibility and convenience of having experts available at a time that is right for both to share. In some cases and more often now than not, timing doesn’t matter much because a virtual consultant can be in a different location, time zone, or even a different continent. Through the advent of technology and collaboration tools (e.g. Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, Dropbox, etc.), work can anywhere and at any time.

Our Mission

To become a trusted and reliable Virtual Consultancy Firm that delivers valuable service to our Clients

Our Vision

To enhance the productivity and profitability of our clients’ through reliable and valuable virtual consultance and business support services.

Our Values

Clients are our valued partners.

Reliability is in the heart of our business.

Confidentiality is our core commitment.