• Spotify: “We love a good Spotify playlist, not only in our office where we have MKGer guest curators but when an event may not have the budget for a great DJ or live performance, we’re able to curate custom playlists that do a great job. And, as an added bonus, sometimes we share the playlist link with attendees after the event as a thank you/way to extend the life of the event.
  • TINT: “We’ve recently been using TINT both at events as well as in our offices as a great visual marketing tool. TINT pulls user-generated and branded content into one place from over 10 social networks (through hashtags, geotagged locations, etc.). We’re able to aggregate, curate and display social media feeds for events, conferences and marketing campaigns, and have the capability to broadcast to websites, mobile apps, screens, event walls, etc.”
  • Event Farm: “We’ve worked with Event Farm for a while now as a really helpful tool for sending out customized invitations, event registration and check-in, and even selling tickets — it also allows for easy tracking and engaging.”

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