Our services

Virtual Assistant Services are a key ingredient to helping startups and early stage companies get off the ground.  Entrepreneurs are believed to be superheroes, or at least they like to think they are and we agree that being a micro-manager may be necessary at first, but as time goes by it’s important to start letting go of the steering wheel just a little bit.

Our services include Personal Assisting, miscellaneous Administrative tasks, Proof Reading, Transcriptions, Social Media Post Management, Graphic and Web designing. We also are experts at Data Entry and Spreadsheet formatting and therefore can provide many more additional services. Below is detailed information on each of the services we provide:

Administrative Services

Calendar management and setting up meetings

Making travel arrangement

Managing emails and telephone calls

Document formatting and management

Preparing, compiling and sorting data for entry

Handle Billing e.g Invoicing

Transcription (Audio, Video or Podcast)

Proof Reading and Editing

Data Entry and spreadsheet formatting

Recruitment CV Data Migration

Executive Assistant:

Maintain a calendar and set up meetings

Email Management and Agenda Development

Handle client inquiries by via e-mail

Make travel arrangements

Handle billing and accounting

Prepare and send out e-mail newsletters

Prepare, collate and ship meeting materials

Send out requested information to customers

Handle meeting venue bookings  

Manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets

Research Assistance Services

Searching for credible sites for up-to-date information based on your needs

Compiling research data

Presenting data in an easy-to-understand format

Searching for important statistics based on your business

Identifying opportunities for your business growth

Helping you choose a right vendor by comparing prices

Product Sourcing and Procurement Process Development 

Social Media Assistant Services

Creating Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ page for your business

Creating social media profiles on different channels

Doing research to find fresh content for social media posts

Scheduling posts with the help of social media tools

Increasing and engaging your audience on different social channels

Creating performance metrics and measuring analytics

So, why do our clients choose Envision Communications virtual assistant?

Holidays: When you’re in small business, holidays are rare! With a trusted VA on board, you’ll know your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus pages are covered. That means no risk of losing that engagement you’ve been building.

Too busy: Need to spend more time on sales, nurturing client relationships or researching new products? Be 100% confident that your admin will still be done, those newsletters will still be sent, and the right images and blog posts will be uploaded, no matter how busy your week gets.

A trusted hand: Don’t trust a random freelance social media manager or administrator with your livelihood. Envision Communications has a team of reliable and skilled online administrative professionals ready to work with you. Our team is keen to truly understand your business and develop a relationship that helps you with the day to day growth of your business, even if you’re not there.

Benefits of outsourcing some of your non core tasks to our Virtual Assistant
  • Reduced Overheads 100%
  • Increased productivity 100%
  • Increased flexibility 100%
  • Improved work quality 100%