Envision Communications is a virtual business support and  management consultancy agenacy founded in 2014 with an aim to deliver services that enable our clients to be more efficient and productive; saving them both time and money. We have two core service platforms. The first platform is focused on Business Support services that enables Businesses and Entreprenuers to be more productive by offering Office Administrative support, Personal Assisting/Executive Assistant, and Committee Secretariat support. The second service platform is Management Consultancy which aims at solving business inefficiencies and identify business opportunities for our clients. Our approach, we analyse the working of an organization and advise on changes in their operations, project management, and supply chain management according to the requirements of the organization. Our services are provided remotely; however we can schedule in-person service in the greater Johannesburg only.

As one can see, thats pretty impressive benefits that wouldn’t have been achieved otherwise.  Are your business processes failing your business, or you are company executive working 25 hours a day and eight days a week concentrating more on admin of running a business and missing important goals? Whatever the situation, you can rely on our fiercely independent and unbaised Virtual Business Support and Management Consultatancy services. Book a FREE consultation today, let us help you put measures in place to achieve your business strategic goals.

Benefits of choosing a Virtual Agency for your business:

Think about the last time you and your firm had an urgent important task to be completed with limited or no resources in pace. The task was so critical to the success of the firm, an the organisation had to undertake Recruitment Process, comply with regulations of advertising the position, shortlisting potential candidates from hundreds if not thousands of appplicants, struggle of setting up interview and finally conducting interviews with no gaurantee you will get the right candidate to fulfill the task. Factoring in the time, costs, and other expenses, this was likely to add up to hundreds or thousands of Rands.

Now imagine being able to recapture those expenses and inject them back into the business. That’s the beauty of outsourcing some of your services to a Virtual Assistant and Virtual Consultant such as Envision Communications, it reduces overheads while increasing productivity.

Given all the aforementioned, what are some of the benefits clients of ours receive when outsourcing some of their task to Envision Communications?

  • Ability to access experienced Personnel at an affordable cost.
  • Better use of current workforce(s) increasing overall productivity of your organisation.
  • Reduction in operational overheads cost (Office space, Equipment, Data etc).
  • It is the way of the future where physical workplaces may be few and far between