Our services

Gone are the days when only the CEO’s have assistants! Many people, whether they’re employed by themselves or someone else, quickly reach a point where they feel overwhelmed by their many responsibilities. Having an assistant offers you great flexibility – while you’re doing one task, she’s completing the other. We exist to help people see the value of their time. 

We provide professional virtual business services to entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses situated anywhere in the world. We are a specialized Virtual Agency with skills and expertise in Business Support and Management Consltancy. It  is frequently said that the main goal of a business is to grow and become a profitable entity in their community. Whether that is monetarily speaking or providing necessary services through a non-profit organization our services are aimed at maximizing productivity to ensure our clients achieve their strategic objectives.

Listed below is some of our services:

Business Support Services

Calendar management and setting up meetings

Email Management and Agenda Development

Travel arrangements and meeting venue bookings

Handle billing and accounting (Invoicing)

Transcription (Audio, Video or Podcast)

Proof Reading and Editing

Data Entry and spreadsheet formatting

Management Consulting Services

Projects and Programme Management

Business Process Management and Improvement

Change Management and Stakeholder Mapping

Procurement Process Development 

Standard Operating Procedures

Business and Value Chain Analysis

Performance management and improvement

Other Additional Services

Secretariat Services (Meetings, Workshops & Conferences)

Recruitment CV Data Migration

Graphic Designing 

Design and development of training materials


Social Media Assistant Services

Account set-up, Content Creation and Post scheduling

Paid Ads Management

Monthly Analytics Report

Hashtag Research and Community Engagements

Always remember that Envision Communications exist to provide expertise and skills that help companies solve business inefficiencies and identify business opportunities. If a process is not working smoothly, we go into the business and dig deeper to get to the bottom of the problem. We then propose a suitable solution or solutions

Respectfully, while these services can be offered separately, we strongly recommend bundling them with other services we offer for the maximum effect on your firm’s bottom line. Ready to begin the planning process? Take a moment and schedule a FREE consultation below so we can discuss next steps.

Benefits of outsourcing some of your non core tasks to our Virtual Consultancy
  • Reduced Overheads 100%
  • Increased productivity 100%
  • Increased flexibility 100%
  • Improved work quality 100%